🔭 The Vision

At StackIt, we wish to take Spreadsheets into a new era. We are building the next-generation spreadsheet automation platform that will empower 1 billion+ business users to use spreadsheets as their business OS.

🚀 The Product

<aside> 💡 StackIt is a Google Sheets Editor Plugin. Business teams can rely on StackIt to pull data from popular SaaS tools & internal databases like Chargebee, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc regularly on spreadsheets. They can further analyze and build workflows & dashboards on top of it using StackIt.


🤓 The Team

StackIt is a 4-member pre-seed startup residing in the heart of HSR.


Abhinav, Absurdity Incharge

Vinayak, Chaos Brewer



Manan, Architect of Awe

😎 Our Advisors

Ankur (Founder, Nuclei) and Kumar (Founder, Slang Labs) both are advisors and angel investors at StackIt.

⛷️ Working at StackIt